6th January 2024

For the start of 2024 we decided to do something a little different. The inspiration came from one of our subscribers who requested a video about the books on the shelf that forms the backdrop for our studio. Some of the books such as Terrain Therapy, Virus Mania and Dissolving Illusions will already be familiar to many of our viewers. However, there are plenty of other books to discuss as well, including those related to our long history of libertarian philosophy.

Hidden from the camera view are many of the now ignored allopathic medical texts that we picked up during our medical training – can they serve any purpose at all going forward? We even have some more recent books from doctors who have been hostile to the ‘no virus’ position.

In this video my husband Mark joins me in the studio to discuss some of the books that have been most influential in bringing about a higher understanding of health and prosperity for our family. There will also be a few “Easter eggs” such as the first ever public images of what is on the shelf above Dr Sam…

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  1. Thanks Mark & Sam, such a good relaxed bookish session, love it… More of the same please
    (PS: I have 3 of the books talked about 😉

  2. Excellent reading choices, guys! This is a great way to introduce more people to the intelligence and reason behind your/ our positions.
    I agree with all u say x100%. Unfortunately the only book I have read in full is Solzenitsyns Gulag Archipeligo, and that was many years ago. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do!
    Congratulations to you both for your incredible work.
    Best regards

  3. Thanks for doing this one. Some amazing books definitely worth having and reading.

  4. Amazing Video , you have given me heaps to look up x
    Dissolving illusions was the book I read that stopped me vaccinating my kids – we now have one child in our control group, ‘Gloria’ she is our gorgeous healthy 20kg girl who just turned 3 and lives on raw milk 😂. Lots more to read and learn.
    Loved the Seinfeld Lego.

  5. To understand what’s really going on in the world, one has to learn about a lot of fields, not just the health topics. The collection of books discussed in this video is a great start for anybody that wants to understand the big picture. As George Carlin famously said in one of his comedy skits: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!!!”

  6. Loved this – i want to go ahead and read them all (apart from the ones I’ve already read) but first up definitely is Wally’s garden book.

  7. A wonderful tour!
    I have scrupulously avoided joining “groups” or “social networks” or following gurus. In this case I make an exception. Especially after finding out your were “Austrians”. I hereby declare my charter membership of the Free Baileys. Good to see what’s on the Bailey Lodge bookshelf.

    “Virus Mania” is exceptional in that there are no blind spots; it is logical, factual and easy to comprehend. (An example of blind spots in otherwise well written and helpful text would be the books by Dr. Andy Wakefield on his observations that certain vaccines lead to gastrointestinal illness and autism. He has never questioned germ theory.)

    Or the book “The Proof Is in the Plants” by Simon Hill. Excellent on nutrition but giving into the seductive sounds of “climate change” and “viruses”.

    The other great book that got me through the hysteria of the last 3 years was “What Really Makes You Ill”, 2019 by Lester and Parker. I loved the sections on the myth of conquistadors spreading disease to the Americas; what really happened is forbidden history. It’s also an encyclopaedic reference on what really causes all the common “diseases” past and present.

    You have previously mentioned Dr. Chris Exley’s work on aluminium and its link to Alzheimer’s and 36 other illnesses including autism. I recommend his little book “Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom”.

  8. I get your frustration with publishing the facts and hoping it would change the world. But imagine if you were Florence Nightingale now looking back.
    Plenciz’s Germ Theory came out in 1762 – it was pure speculation – he did not own a microscope. This was over 100 years before Pasteur “thought of it” in 1877. Florence Nightingale (before Pasteur), in 1860, published her attack on Plenciz et al, based on her considerable experience with illness in hospitals. “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions”. Pasteur published his plagiarised version of Plenciz despite what Nightingale reported.

    Ethel Hume also had the same hope. When she published her book in 1923, hoping “it would fill the gap & end the use of serums and other biologicals forever…and now it’s in the second edition the medical profession are pushing biologicals harder than ever.”
    Hume’s book can now be found expanded and republished as “Béchamp or Pasteur”.

  9. This video was so rewarding . How wonderfully disarming for you to give us a candid glimpse of your intellectual journey. so far . All fueled by humble, dogged curiosity. You are role models and an inspiration for every thinking human. And the cherry on top is your sense of humor, fun-loving attitude and zest for all the positive treasures of life. You two are what’s truly infectious! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Awesome content guys! I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, but implementing and using permaculture practices on your property would be awesome to see. It’s amazing strategy for supplying all your needs and designing a way of life that contributes to the health of not only us but the ecosystem around us. Keep up the good content and would love to a tour of the food garden!

  11. Come on guys…. tell the truth. In the southern hemisphere you have 48 hours in your day! …. Thank you for giving over a part of it to us.

  12. A good read must be “The myth of German villainy” and “200 years together”.
    You’ll understand who’s behind of many things that now are going down.

  13. Enjoyed the variety of topics in this episode. My wife and I are avid gardeners so we will have to look into the books you mentioned. Concerning economic theories, we have been involved in several intentional community efforts (one a sustained retreat center), which I see as a part of the devolution of centralized government decision-making down to the local level. As corrupt controlling centralized bodies begin to implode I see this as our future on the planet, which will free up currently monopolized resources to enable transformations to occur.

  14. That was well worth watching, thank you! If like me, you are interested in repressed science and forbidden books, I most highly recommend “Report 3 and 4” booklet available as a PDF from the Documentation section of the ISPVS dot org website, that is the International Society of the Primo Vascular System. This publication was hidden under a false author’s name in a Berlin library, and is one of the few surviving publications of Bong Han Kim who in the 1960s discovered the PVS, the DNA organ, the first and foremost organ in the body. His findings confirmed the claims of Bechamp, but the knowledge of the PVS and its great implications have been repressed to the present day (Wikipedia still misrepresents the PVS and claims it does not exist). Once you understand the PVS you will know that the medicine we have today is worthless.

  15. wow, what a great video! So many books to buy!
    Both of you are amazing!
    Thank You Jack. D for the information of the Primo Vascular System as discovered by Dr. Bong Han Kim

  16. Good morning from San Francisco Bay Area. As usual, I love all your videos. You have established 100 times over your thoughtfulness, integrity and openness to learn and grow.

    This was a fun tour and I got some new books to read. I love everything you offer. I would love more videos about Marks experience of the economic and money fraud, as well as government lies. While I do my best to stay positive and live from a place of light, I still wish to be informed of the dark shadowy bits without completely getting sucked into the darkness.

    You both do a great job of sharing and yet still smile, laugh and share an alternative perspective and lifestyle.

    Frankly, you could stand on your heads and then do a happy dance, and I’d still watch.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your wisdom and insight.

    Thank you for bringing the light to such a dark time.

    Peace, truth and light,

  17. Great video Baileys!
    Thanks Jack D for the PVS references. Sadly ISPVS dot org website gives a 404 as do .com and .net versions of same, and searches for it get no hits. However PVS is not so suppressed as there are many references to it from a search on “International Society of the Primo Vascular System” such as this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4562093/ and many more.

    i’d love to read report 3 & 4 if there’s a way?

  18. Very insightful video, more of the same please. Your commenting re doctors being misinformed at medical schools, I immediately thought of where all this brainwashing begins, in our school systems. It is so scary that our children are being fed so much propaganda from a young age and I fear that it will take huge efforts to unlearn and sort the garbage, if at all. This is what these parasites desire, control over the young generations via their indoctrination systems. Home schooling, good parenting, setting good examples are the only way to have well balanced enlightened children. Thanks again.

  19. Hello Donny! I’m sorry to hear that the ISPVS website is no more. Please note that in many of the other PVS references you can find on the net the PVS is incorrectly described. Luckily I have downloaded the publications that were on ISPVS years ago and can share them on Google Drive. The “Report 3 and 4” I referred to is available here as a 10MB PDF:


    I have also created a 43MB zipped file of this document and 12 other files, mostly PDFs of other reports by Bong Han Kim and a few more recent related studies. I highly recommend that this file be downloaded and all the contents read by those interested in full understanding of the PVS and Bon Han Kim’s story. Annoyingly, however, because of the file size, Google shows an alert stating the file cannot be scanned for viruses, which understandably will put people off from downloading.


    I wish everyone taking this journey of discovery and education all the very best, as the information I’m sharing is of the greatest importance.

  20. @Donny Thank you for the alert! It is presently unbelievably difficult to share information regarding the PVS… Please see the comments on viroliegy to the latest post on busting the viruses, and check there again in a few days.

  21. Thanks Sam and Mark. it is a great show again, packed with so much information and book to read. I am looking fwd for your new book to be published soon. Time well spent for me.

    Best regards

  22. I’ve stumbled across a fascinating individual who seems to have discovered a unique angle through which he/she can get his/her research published.
    There seem to be so many intriguing things about this individual, from his/her educational background to his/her career progression and line of research he/she has identified.
    The title of his/her latest research paper is simply mouth-watering, but the publishing journal isn’t making free copies available, only an abstract :”Qubits- Towards a Better Understanding of the Microzymas”.
    The individual’s name is Seun Ayoade and a smattering of URLs referring to the above-mentioned paper, a list of previous research and a pointer to his/her coinage of the term “cellular dust” is as follows:

  23. Great to see yet another inspiring video from Sam and Mark! I stopped reading printed books so long ago I forget when. If I do read books now, it’s the previews on Google Books or using the excellent borrowing facility on the Open Library. Once we turn the world aright again, I hope I have enough time to enjoy the pleasure of reading a printed book!

    Thank you to Rodney Leadbeater for the links to Seun Ayoade’s publications. Most interesting indeed!

  24. Thanks to the Bailey’s for their review of important books they’ve been influenced by. At one time, I was surprised to discover that people who think in ways I happen to regarding one subject often think as I do about others. Later it occurred to me that the basis for such congruence in outlook flows naturally from upholding reason.

    I’d like to mention other books Drs. Sam-Mark might find interesting. One is The Virtue of Liberty by Tibor Machan, (available from the Foundation for Economic Education) wherein he explains simply and clearly why principles of morality are logically spun out from human nature and the fact of human life. Another is Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness and Philosophy: Who Needs It? These books are collections of some of Rand’s essays that explain why reason is the source of all knowledge and is therefore an epistemological absolute and rationality is the cardinal moral virtue; and why individual rights are derived logically from man’s need to use reason in order to survive and flourish. Finally, I think you might be interested in–and enjoy, actually– listening to recordings of lectures by a then-young Nathaniel Branden, who was a philosopher and psychologist, which are available for free at this link: https://www.atlassociety.org/podcast-series/nathaniel-branden-lecture-series. You might especially enjoy the first 5 lectures, each about 40 minutes, because Nathaniel explained philosophical issues from a perspective that I think may be new to you.

    Thank you for your teaching about the bankruptcy of the notion of germs and viruses, which has been highly valuable to me and many others.

    (I read Human Action for the first time at age 19, long ago. I knew Nathaniel Branden, who was honorable and brilliant; nobody could cut through philosophical confusion and “mystery” like Nathaniel Branden.)

    I look forward to reading your new book!

  25. Hi Sam and Mark,
    Thank you for another enjoyable video. I have purchased ‘Who Is the Government’ and you have introduced me to other areas to explore. How do you find the time to do all of this reading and learning!
    I am sad to see Ewan went to prison for tax evasion. I am trying to get my head around all of this at the moment (finding it very overwhelming) and this example makes me question further…..
    Best to you and your family.

  26. thank you both for that beautiful video.

    Not so long ago the Pythagorean knowledge of its mystery school is available. Therefore every researcher will deeply enjoy this oevre. The address is laurency.com. I recommend to start with “Introduction to the works” and then “The Reality of Knowledge”. The Pythagorean school uses numbers instead of terms. One doesn’t have to learn a system with dozens of terms, the system is already there: mathematics. Unlike the mystery schools from India, Egypt, Persia, etc. that use sometimes difficult to learn terminology, which in turn can lead to misunderstandings.

    Another important source is the work of Dr. Geerd Ryke Hamer. Probably the most important researcher in medicine that walked on earth. In English language I don’t have links ready. You’ll have to find them yourselves. His work and the work of his students is in general what you already know, but with a clear explanation that is empirically proven and described. Brain, Psyche, organ work simultaneously together all the time, to keep or to bring the body into homeostasis. The organism produces cells, bacteria, fungi, substances, when they are needed for processes (to reestablish homeostasis). When the processes are done, cells, bacteria, fungi, substances, all vanish again.

    There is an active phase (psyche, much thinking, problem solving, no physical symptoms), and a passive phase (symptoms, pain). All diseases go through these two stages. A tumor is when no homeostasis can be established, the active and passive phase repeat over months. A secular disease is a repeating, “hanging” biological conflict. Some secular biological conflicts must remain, to prevent the organism from collapse. They can lead to personality changes, which can even be an advantage for a specific profession. All diseases are curable in theory, but in reality some must stay. The healing phase after a long active phase can lead to pulmonary embolism or heart attack (epileptoidal crisis). Most biological conflicts are not noticeable, they last seconds. For example, sneezing is an epileptoidal crisis in the middle of the healing phase. The preceding biological conflict was “unable to foresee something” or “something disgusting has occurred” (it can also be an acoustic or visual stimulus, the reaction is often in the nose). The olfaction was increased (cell-plus) for a moment, the biological conflict was resolved (no danger for survival), the no more needed cells get disintegrated (cell-minus), homeostasis is reestablished.

    The active phase is sympathicotone (awake, cold hands, brain and physical activity, daylight time), the passive phase is vagotonia (calm, warm hands, less activity, evening and night time).

    All tissue is built from cells, but do not contain cells. Cells become tissue. Organisms consist of tissue, not cells. The cell-membranes scientists see under the microscope is colorant and artificial resin. Which has to be added to the probe, otherwise they see nothing. The genome is wandering through the tissue and is changing. The genome is not static. There are three cotyledons. The inner, the middle, and the outer cotyledon. They formed at the beginning of the embryo development. Each of them correspond to a specific brain area, as well as to specific tissue. This knowledge is essential for diagnosis.

    There is cell-minus (holes) that get filled with new cells, and there is cell-plus, that gets disintegrated by bacteria and fungi. Biological conflicts are to understand in history of development as archaic conflicts in man, animal, and plant. There is no clear difference between psyche, brain, and organ, they all work together in synchronicity as a unit.

    “The fool runs
    The clever one waits
    The wise enters the garden.”


    “Der Dumme rennt
    Der Schlaue tut warten
    Der Weise geht in den Garten.”

    Such an important place, the garden. The garden is one of the best teachers. The sea is also a good teacher, as well as the wind. The best teacher is probably the forest.

    Best wishes, and again many thanks for your marvellous work.


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