4th May 2024

This week’s video is a bit different from our usual content. Instead of taking a dive into a particular medical or health topic, I’m going to talk about the phenomenon of avatar accounts. These have become much more common during the COVID-19 era and some have accrued fairly large audiences with claims that they are “truth tellers”.

However, some of these accounts are clearly not telling the truth and are using their influence to promote the fraudulent “pandemic” as well as its related matters such as “viruses“, stories of “gain of function” and “bio-weapons“, and alleged treatments involving Ivermectin and other Big Pharma products.

Whoever is behind the avatar accounts, they are always hiding something: most importantly the identity or group behind the avatar. Also of note is how some of these accounts suddenly appeared with large followings on Substack when they previously had little to no presence on other platforms. Please share your thoughts in the comments about who could be behind these accounts and if they may be attempting to influence particular narratives.


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  1. Perhaps one of the less recognized ploys is that of painting a critic as a colleague. I remember that when I pointed out the contradictions in Steve Kirsch’s attacks upon “virus deniers,” I immediately received a public comment from him thanking me for my support. The amusing part is that I don’t have followers, thus rendering Steve’s psyop useless, but nonetheless giving a clear view of his @$$. Now, where did I put my steam iron? Cheers, y’all!

  2. Another awesome video.

    I have just started reading your new book ‘the final pandemic’ and I’m struggling to put it down.

    Thank you!

  3. I am an Avatar account. John Galt, (on Substack), was an unfortunate choice as people think I am someone else. I do my best to stay anon on line, I always have. I don’t have any other social media accounts aside from Substack. I don’t have a smart phone. I do not want want to be be their product. I built an ISP to get on the Internet and I have always used it primarily for research and communication. Email is the only effective way to contact me.
    It’s disappointing to see Substack compromised. I started a Substack to see how it worked and published a few rants, my heart isn’t really in it. My interest lies in the lies. Seeing through them, so I love you Sam.
    I’m retired, my little house is packed. I’m down to one bedroom, the other two are now labs, the yard is a food producing biology experiment. I have no rants left in me. I’m having fun experimenting and making things. Pretty much what I did before I was retired but for less money.
    But on the Internet I put forth an effort to remain anonymous..

  4. Yes, great video Sam! I have been aware of these Avatars too and many of them are very subtle. There are some using what I describe as the roller coaster psy-op.. For instance, the latest seem to be this WHO treaty one minute we are facing a living hell with more pandemics on the cars, and then they are backing down they will respect the sovereignty of all nations. It is sort of like, build up their hopes and then smash them down I see you are Mark and going for the head of the snake to cut if off. I love it when I get an e-mail of your latest video.. Both you and Mark are so laid-back and that’s a good contagiousness to have. I will admit it can make me mischievous and I will go of somewhere some platform looking for trolls and calling them out until they start name-calling or whatever. Anyway, thanks again for your cheerfulness and optimism.

  5. Sam, your comments regarding Avatars are very good, however they are only a part of the issue, as a biased reasoning is just as prevalent and dangerous. Coming out in the open with a biased view for one reason or another, can be equally damaging as far as getting the truth out, and is the one aspect that I have been advocating for there past thirty or so years as I have already explained to you and Mark. Only when we are able to cross the ‘Reality Barrier’ and have a balanced view of life and the world around us, can we truly begin experiencing the truth, thus being able to advocate it to our fellow life travellers and those who will come along later.

  6. I didn’t know what avatar was referring to before viewing your video. I don’t care if someone wants to remain anonymous on the net as long as they speak the truth as best they know it . I do see your point though. Q Anon, (similar type operation) for me was a most obvious effort to mislead the conspiratoral thinking public. A n occasional truth among fictitious accounts promoting false beliefs onto real fears. There are real illuminations of pedophilia at high levels in Britain, the US , Portugal, and especially the Dutroux affair in Belgium . I do see your point about if there are no viruses then we’re wasting our time looking into who made it. I totally agree with you in that I have seem no published information that refutes what you and Mark have learned by reading and analyzing the actual studies that claim to have isolated viruses. Mostly ad hominem attacks and changing the subject to what does cause people to get ill if it isn’t viral infections. The immediate second report of covid deaths was Iran after China which was ignored in the media focusing on Northern Italy which also has bad air pollution like Wuhan. China and Iran are targets of the US covert operations. There were an abnormal amount of high up Iranians dying that were attributed to covid by the Iranians. Having a pessimistic nature i still think that occasionally the billions spent on biowarfare occasionally comes up with something injurious to humans or food production. There are parasites in nature that can infect us when our health is run down.. There are natural poisons and man made harmful chemicals. I still use ‘immune system’ to describe the system our bodies use to maintain homeostasis. I first stared doubting the need for vaccines before I came across efforts like yours that cast doubts on germ theory and never proven existence of viruses. Never thought about it before. The one size fits all endemic in allopathic medicine and the absurd CDC childhood vaccine schedule made me look deeper into vaccines. The sole reliance on cross reacting antibodies to determine health is wrong on the face of it. Until recently the lack of knowledge of the importance of microbial biomes. for health and the fact that our homeostasis system is like having thousands or more adjusting screws that all effect each other make most allopathic research useless. If intelligent and well meaning people have wrong basic assumptions its almost impossible for them to do meaningful work.

  7. Here in the UK the government have a military group employed to trolling the internet and doing such things. They are known as the 77th Brigade.

  8. Hi Sam, of course people hiding behind avatars is cowardly, however one point to consider might be that there is a concerted effort to make it ‘mandatory’ to have a Digital ID to access online services and social media.
    The ‘online harms’ act is set up to help achieve this goal of the predator classes/cabal or however you refer to the ‘controllers’

  9. We find ourselves at this juncture in human history entirely because of the actions of secret societies and purposefully secretive power structures. Throughout history, Machiavellism and Psychopathy has worked feverishly to ensure that its machinations and modi operandi remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy – understanding full-well that this approach skews the odds in one’s favour, when your opponent is blind to your malignant intentions. Within such a corrupt and dishonest political and economic framework, truth is the only antidote. Likewise, within such a framework, Avatar’s, Anonymous Accounts, Invented Persona’s, Pen Names etcetera are just another form of dishonesty. Regardless of supposed intent. Human liberty is forged through the declaration of truth. And the truth can only be professed by the broad shoulders of those sovereign individuals who stand tall and openly declare themselves – before they declare the self-evident truth. This is the only way that freedom, peace and liberty can be won. For oneself, for ones’ family, for ones’ community and ultimately for ones’ Nation. As our Lord Jesus Christ instructed us, “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

  10. I am not in a realm where avatars are present that I have noticed. I have, however, notice some of the channels/ or prominent personalities “disappear” and when they re appear, there is something different about the way they present information, Sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes like Trump and Johnson, double back summersaults, going from advocating freedom to “we’re all going to die, take the vaxx.
    I still find some of the channels I previously followed fervently interesting, as not all their content was compromised. Kary Mullis was an example. He railed against the abuse of PCR to create a billion $$ industry in the 80s, yet he believed in germ theory.
    I suppose a lot of those I followed early on gave me some information I found useful, the rest I stored until it was no longer relevant.
    I choose to believe at least some of these presenters were putting forward their realities based on their understandings and were doing so in good faith, unlike government, their agencies and MSM who promote a few little truths enveloping a BIG lie for personal financial benefit, while creating an environment of financial devastation to middle/ lower class, transferring billions to corpirates.
    I’m not academic, medical or have higher education, what I do have is a keenly honed “bullshitometer” thanks to my last 4 years battling with NZ’s largest dairy company. They taught me all I needed to know about corpirate lies, bullying and especially obfuscations. This training has stood me in good stead once I got over the initial shock from the intense gaslighting in early 2020. The modus operandi was strikingly the same.
    Love your works, both Baileys.

  11. Well presented Sam. As you say, the internet is awash with Avatar accounts. So too, the ones who are upfront about their this ID’s, opposing the vaccines, but still bang the drum for allopathic virus theory (McCulloch, Mercola, Campbell, Kirsch et al). Money is talking…

  12. In big psyops you’re guaranteed controlled opposition of all flavours and we’ve got it in truckloads in this one, whether it’s people with an avatar or not. It’s rather frustrating when the truth is so simple: there is no virus and we could predict that from Day One because in psyops they do what they want for real and fake the rest. They didn’t want a virus, they only wanted us to believe in one. We’ve had to suffer so very much nonsense over a literal nothing. It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? I mean they have manufactured unimaginable quantities of absolutely bullshit over … nothing, not a thing, nothing, nada, niente. it’s all complete smoke’n’mirrors. Amazing! Thank you Sam.

  13. 2nd Smartest Guy in the World Substack has been pushing ivermectin for a while. That’s concerning, because most of his Substack seems legitimate and rooted in intelligent thought. Makes me wonder?

  14. Sadly, Twitter, Facebook, Substack, etc., are part of the marketing armoury used by governments, businesses, etc., to promote their ideas.

    I’m retired now, but back in the pre-Internet age I worked in marketing. We knew the difference between ‘above-the-line’ promotion (e.g, advertising) and ‘below-the-line’ activities, such as sponsorship, to promote a brand or a product. ‘Guerilla marketing’ was another term coming into use back then. It referred to activities such as leaving crushed empty cans of a new soft drink in the bins of trendy night clubs in order to spread the news of an as yet un-released product.

    But Covid was different. It was the ideal marketing project. There was no ‘product’, just lots of promotion. One day some insider will tell us how it was done. Probably an avatar!

  15. Not all Avatars (Anons) are the Dr Hannibal Lector type, Dr Sam.. 😉 You and Dr Mark keep up the great work. We’ll keep sharing your medical content for the general population over on X, Truth Social, and wherever you’re not.. Another election year (FLiRT) variant? 🤔

  16. I’ve been on the fence about Dr. Makis. And, given his efforts in outing pedophilia within the Alberta Health Care system, I’m disappointed that he is on your list of ‘avatars’. He does post way too often, though; in itself, a bit of a red flag. Sometimes I’m left scratching my head, confused by what seem to be contradictions in his various messages. Something’s fishy, for sure.
    I will delete him from my subscriptions list.
    To be honest, I’ve been looking for a reason to do so. (Still, in some respects, he seems to be on our side. Else, why he would be so vocal about Alberta Health and pedophilia? I know that controlled opposition is very sophisticated…)
    Always enjoy your posts, and feel very good about your consistent messaging. Thank you for all you do.

  17. Nice one.
    No arguments here. Just another perspective on using Avatars. (And I did not felt pointed at by your view)

    You’ve been on a set, in a studio, facing cameras. Did you notice how many people worked behind the scene?
    Well, while the left brain verbal extraverted people fill the room with endless and very often pretentious sentences, there are these quiet-introverted people conceptualizing, figuring out, developing, organizing, and supporting the broadcast of extraverted.

    wow… that was a mouth-full… anybody offended?
    Well don’t, I simply allow myself a short and rare moment of extraversion. 😀

    Still I am taking your point of view in consideration. I just might fire my avatar and put my face. But don’t complain if I do. 😀

    Kind regards.

  18. Glad I don’t know any of those avatars.
    Taking my dog out for a walk now xD

    Dr Sam, I’m reading Toxic Superfoods by Sally K. Norton. I hope one day you will address the issues of oxalates. I think it is one of many answers to why people are sick and falsely blamed on a virus. Sally did a very thorough research for her book, and for her life.

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