30th March 2024

The longer that the COVID-19 Fraud has been pushed onto the world the more people are waking up to the reality that there was no pandemic. Virology has been dismantled from every possible angle and for many of us the entire virus model has been bid a final “Farewell”.
However, the notion of “pathogens” and “bio-weapons” that are being created through “gain of fiction” experiments continues to strike fear in those yet to realise that the entire concept is based on anti-scientific premises. Unfortunately, stories about “bio-labs” continue to drive unwarranted fears and act to keep people on the germ theory plantation. As a result they remain trapped inside a false paradigm and unable to fully appreciate what really makes people ill.
In this video we will once again outline the complete lack of evidence that bio-weapons exist and how the corporate media has overtly pushed these fear-based narratives since early 2020 to help sustain the “pandemic” industry and all the evil that comes with the biosecurity surveillance state.


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  1. Hi Dr. Sam,
    It’s so disheartening to realize people spend their lives creating, making money from or defending these deadly weapons and medicines that destroy other people, yet never pause to examine it. Thank you for all that you and Mark are doing to free the world from the unfounded fear of nonexistent viruses and human transmission. We will eventually succeed and the world will be the beautiful place as it is meant to be.

  2. Great video, it will surely put many minds to rest about bio-weapons. BTW, I enjoyed the funky dance routine:-)

  3. Thank you for another brilliant video! I was an ABC officer (Atomic, Biological and Chemical warfare) in the Swiss army in the early sixties. We were informed in detail about atomic and chemical warfare but nothing I can remember about bio weapons. Now i know why not!

  4. While Viruses do not exist, bioweapons most certainly do. Those ‘Bioweapons’ are called mRNA vaccines, and the only way they can harm individuals is via direct intramuscular injection. That is why the ‘Virus bed time story’ needs continued promulgation. The only way that populations will submit to being injected with a foreign poison is through scare campaigns like that old chestnut about a ‘Bat Virus’ jumping species. What the science and the data most definitely show is that mRNA Vaccines are most certainly deadly, with thousands of deaths directly attributed to these injections in USA’s VAERS and the UK’s Yellow Card databases. Alas – it seems that the only way our western governments want us to deal with such gob smacking truths is by adopting their favorite “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach. You know – ‘coz it worked veritable wonders for the U.S. military.

  5. Thanks for another great video.. It made me think that it was little wonder that Fauci never got taken into court over gain-of-function research. More theatre perhaps?

  6. Great to see it laid out like that, especially for lay people like myself . I have to agree with simonde228 about the ‘funky’ dance routine. Could we have some more of that please?

  7. Loved the dance you were doing! Big thank you to you and your husband Mark for all your research and hard work. I’m excited to read Mark’s next paper coming out.

  8. While I was and still am very suspicious of the covid narrative and knew long before the vaccine came out I would never take it. Non the less in 2022 I came down with symptoms that were strange to me. Sore throat, stiff neck, head ace and sensitivity to sunlight it felt like my face was badly sunburnt yet it was not red. The next day I was so sick I wished I was dead and very preceding day I was much better until about 5 days later I was fine but my energy levels were low. I got this again months later and now nearly 70 I have lost my stamina and I attribute that to what ever it was I came down with, I didn’t like it but would never condone shutting down a country over it. And I would like to know what it was I came down with.

  9. Much appreciated coverage of the gain-of-function fear narrative. I liked the military training video about the true biology of chemical warfare though some may shrink back at the sight of the animals who died in their experiments, these deaths pale in comparison to the deaths and suffering of the many humans who took the jabs. There should be serious repercussions and consequences for those who perpetrated the covid warfare against humanity.

  10. thank you for this awesome work, bless you and bless the work you do with these information doco’s, restoring credibility to doctors world wide if they are prepared to drop their indoctrination off at the door and think for themselves…

  11. To David Kerr, yes different people have had strange symptoms since 2020 making debunk of Covid harder for us. But they are poisoning from the skies, in medications, supplements/vits, and in food that has glyphosate. Mix any of those with some EMFs (5g) and you might have a reaction. Other choices are chemicals on PCR tests, masks, some people think shedding happens but this is hard to prove even with microscopy “findings”.

  12. Dr. Sam, have you read James Howard Kunstler’s last post on Substack: Not an April Fool’s Gag, where he reports on his talk w/ virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, who claims to be the greatest virologist in the world and says: “What I am predicting,” he said, “is a massive, massive tsunami,” of illness and death among highly-vaccinated populations with dysregulated immune systems.” It’s quite the horror story. I’d love to hear your take on that.

  13. Crackerjack job Doc Sam!
    Are “prions” another hocus then? Another example, in principle, of pointing to one out of tens or hundreds of biological factors, (or artifacts!) at the site of a so-called dis-ease, and claiming it to be THE causative factor? I don’t believe it.. the organophosphate poisoning seems to go right over peoples heads. Oops, it doesn’t “seem”, it DOES LOL 🤣
    Thank you so very much!
    (didgeridoo3 on other platforms)
    𝙈𝙪𝙘𝙝 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 ♡ 𝙉𝙤 𝙁𝙚𝙖𝙧 MLNF🔥🦅

  14. David Kerr, you have hit the nail on the head.
    i cannot understand, given what we know, in terms of the processes around forming and maintaining myelin (nerve sheathing), the material that surrounds vascular organs and the pericardium, that the dots have not been connected. Consider the proteins that combine to build myelin. They have a heavy dependence on uridine. Your naturally occurring uridine is replaced by the vaccine introduced N1-Methyl-Pseudouridine. This is almost indestructable and has a life many orders of magnitude longer than your natural uridine. Keep in mind, when cell tissue dies or is damaged, it is recycled and used in further dependent protein manufacture. Further compounding matters is that it is favoured by your body over your naturally occurring uridine.
    The only way that I can see to help the vaccine damaged is to repatriate the natual uridine in preference to the synthetic product.
    And David, yes, the burning feeling, as if you had sunburn, that is nerve damage (myelin). There are various descriptions allodynia, dysesthesia but they all have a common root, nerve damage.
    As for the cause of your symptoms, and they are not uncommon, ask yourself why, with so many willing and able volunteers, there has not been an RCT to establish shedding as viable or not. Sadly, there are too many profiteers and opportunists taking advantage of this vagary.

  15. A doctor recommends a pregnant woman get whooping cough vaccine.
    Her husband pressures her because one baby died.
    There should be a campaign directed at doctors directly.
    They should have some shame for going blindly into harming people.
    But they don’t.
    They are the flat earthers of health

  16. Rangan chattergie doctor stood before the un committee for health.
    Then posted it on YouTube
    Killing for profit.
    Did anybody get excited about it?
    They all know it’s the truth.

  17. I´ve seen Dr Mark on Iconic.com and I agree on the idea that in the nature there are no viruses. I´ve seen how people whom I knew well got ill and died, I know why it was so – because of the surroundings in which they lived, because of the emotional, mental und physical poisons they were exposed to on every day of their lives. I love these people and I do care! a word can be more poisonous than any chemical compound. in 2020 I knew that there was no covid, there only are cold and flu as they had ever been.
    my question: it is known now that sars-cov is a synthetic “virus”. and it looks like all who were jabbed or took these pcr-tests are infected. no one can get rid of this infection.
    Dr Mark said there would be nothing to do the gain of function on – but if there is this synthetic entity they call a “virus”, so they can manipulate it and produce so an infinite number of new synthetic diseases, e.g. this oncoming disease x. is it correct to say that there is no possibility to make the gain of function if there is a synthetic entity working like what is currently understood as “virus” and it is spread globally? the most people are infected.

  18. true health is when you´re happy, that I always knew. we all can only be happy when we all say the truth. I´ve seen your video “When You Wish Upon A “bio-weapon”, I see what you mean. many scientists I´ve listened to before told about “the corona-virus”, they all are good scientists as it seems. I will send them the link to this video and hope it will make them start to question themselves. I feel you are right and being no scientist and no doctor I can choose myself what I believe. thank you for speaking up at the Iconic! let´s see if I can persuade the people from the alternative channel I know to listen to you.

  19. Thanks for another clear and informative video Sam. So grateful to you and Mark for your commitment and dedication to getting the truth out there. That first “wink” of yours in a YouTube video about the use of NAC, along with a comment about other uses of the supplement, got my attention and so I started to dig deeper for more information and went to your posts on platforms not controlled by the narrative. I’m so glad I did! It’s been a life changing journey and has resulted in a complete paradigm shift. Thank you!

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