23rd March 2024

Claims that insecticides protect people from disease vectors such as ticks (e.g. Lyme disease) and mosquitos (e.g. Dengue and Yellow fever) are based in germ theory dogma and the scientifically unsupported concept of “pathogens“. Examination of the foundational studies has universally revealed that microbes in themselves do not make heathy people sick. 
Despite these inconvenient facts, “in 1945, against the advice of investigators who had studied the pharmacology of the compound and found it dangerous for all forms of life, DDT was released in the United States and other countries for general use by the public as an insecticide.” It was certainly not the last time the “safe and effective” catch-cry would be used to introduce a new product into widespread use amongst an unsuspecting public.
What unfolded subsequently was one of the biggest concealments of mass poisoning and disease “outbreaks” in known history using the imaginary poliovirus as the familiar cover story. While the use of DDT was eventually banned in most countries, the scandal continues into the present day with ongoing heavy application in India and Africa. As if this was not bad enough, why is the “Stockholm Convention” acting as an apologist agency in this ongoing deception?… 


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  1. As a young child I was hospitalized with Polio and meningitis and pretty well comatose for 3 months in Nairobi’s Infectious Diseases Hospital post the polio vaccine. However, DDT was also extensively used as a mosquito insecticide at the time in my boarding school.

  2. When the polio vaccine was first rolled out they came to our school and gave it to all of the children. We had 3 doses. Afterwards I used to suffer from sustained migraine attacks which used to completely disable me for hours at a time. When the teachers saw my face go completely white they would tell me to go home, and when I arrived home, about 10 minutes walk, my headache would be well under way. I would grab a blanket out of the hall closet, go to my bedroom and close all the curtains, curl up into a ball, completely cover myself with the blanket to stop the light which caused a lot of pain, and wait it out not daring to move, which might be three hours. My parents took me to many specialists and hospitals without getting an answer. Also at about that time I had a strong feeling that part of me had gone missing and whenever I got sick I used to pray that that part would come back. A few years ago I found out that I have autism, which was a relief because I knew I was different to others and I have an answer.
    I found out a few years ago that that particular vaccine was discontinued due to horrific side effects, and that every polio vaccine since has not performed any better. According to studies about 75% of polio cases in India are classed as being vaccine induced.
    I heard that polio used to be referred to by a different name before the 20th century, mainly affected the young and was caused by contaminated water, and occured rarely.

  3. I remember the polio epidemic, or as it was proffered at the time in the 1950’s, when a couple of neighbours children became paralysed and had to wear leg braces to get around. We were all jabbed at school with a so called vaccination, however no-one knew the real cause and your expose on this matter is very welcome. Thanks and well done Sam & Mark.

  4. Thanks, Sam. Look forward to Mark’s new paper. We have to remind ourselves of how much we could potentially be exposing ourselves still to DDT in terms of, for example, tea from India (hopefully buying organic would reduce the exposure). I also heard that wheat from Ukraine was contaminated with DDT. And as Tom Cowan says, when one pesticide etc is ‘banned’ it is replaced with another. That ‘other’ may well be glyphosate and yet many gardeners are happy to continue using Roundup. Clean living as much as possible. Also let’s not forget how much our bodies can clean up.

  5. Australia has long been a dumping ground for chemicals banned overseas. My father was exposed to DDT in the early 1950’s and yes, he was hospitalised with a mild form of polio.
    The rural area where I grew up used a lot of atrazine and, coincidently, the area also was known for the high prevalence of testicular cancer, a known side effect of atrazine exposure.

    Thank you so much for all the great work you do Dr’s Sam and Mark!
    It is making a difference in positive ways

  6. The new book, Turtles All the Way Down, explains in detail how “polio” was actually poisoning from first, arsenic, which was sprayed on fruit trees, then DDT. Only when DDT was banned in the US did the “polio epidemic” finally end. It was clearly not a contagious disease because of how it effected individuals in communities so sporadically. When all these deceptions become widely known I believe the practice of vaccination will end. Or vaccines will have to be completely reformulated to truly be safe and effective with safe adjuvants and preservatives.

  7. You really need to be called out on this. DDT saved countless millions lives in combating malaria, and banning it caused an estimated loss of 50 million lives by some estimates. The narrative says that it was outlawed because of the book “Silent Spring” documenting it’s harm to nature, but the truth is, it was outlawed because it’s patent expired and it was cutting into the profits of other patented chemical products. Banning DDT was a crime against humanity, and they knew this, which is why they were forced to make exemptions for the ban. Yes, it makes sense that there is a correlation to polio. Insects play a massive role in decomposition of dead animals, and so when mass amounts were killed off, there probably was a measurable rise in other infections diseases. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also has other less known long term effects on the human body. It doesn’t matter, the estimated lives saved by any comparison is enormous.

  8. davidc,
    This must be your first educational video? There are no infectious diseases, and DDT didn’t save a single person, ever, anywhere. Malaria is not caused by a transmission of any pathogen. Crimes against humanity surely do exist and it’s by allowing and pushing these toxins one after the other, especially based on fraudulent data, lies and more lies. Your uninformed statements are not just incorrect, but ridiculous.

  9. The lives lost and the pain caused by the Medical Establishment/our own government is heart wrenching. Even more so because the lies/coverups/fraud were intentional. Case in point, the Covid Vaccine murdered my grandmother. And I am not using the term “murder” just to be exaggeratory. I tried to warn her, but she had others persuading her to take it, and they won. The hardest part is that I know who is behind all this, and I know that before they die, they will never be held accountable.

    All of this is a big pill to swallow. The lies, the deceit, the travesty, the death, and the long and short term health consequences.

    Who ever reads this comment, please know that if you have suffered from the pseudo science, just do your best to heal and get well via all natural means, and never fall for the lies again. Also, do your best to tell others who may listen. Tips: Raw food diet for 4 to 6 months, fresh hemp, anything that helps detox the body, zeolite, cilantro, clean water, grounding to the earth, sunshine, remove as many chemicals from your life, saunas, just keep trying things, just keep them as close to nature as you can. As a Christian, I would say pray a lot, but if that is not you, then I would suggest just reading the Bible to see why Christians say to pray about it.
    Many Blessings to everyone!!!

  10. Thank you, I think this is very important health information! As usual with your videos 👍
    I saw this very clever meme you might enjoy: “Imagine being so naive that you eat bugs to save the planet from cow farts because the tv told you to do it 🤣”
    (I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I don’t endorse that part)

  11. Fantastic work again. I live for each new level of enquiry you produce. Would REALLY love to know if you Ever have a public debate anywhere in New Zealand. I’d pay for all flights and accommodation for all my family, and happily contribute some to your own experience. Let us know if this is ever an option.

  12. By the way I have come into contact with the BigelsenAcademy.com They were inspired by the Edgar Cayce readings and provide a “Holographic Blood” diagnosis which integrates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in working with what the blood graphically depicts (3 dimensional ‘symplast’ images!). Sam, my wife recently passed (March 7th) which I have been processing, but the Bigelsen assistance helped us immensely (as well as your videos). I think folks should take a look at it. The history of how they were founded is very interesting and I think would be of interest to you all that are following the Baileys’ work. Edgar Cayce was a U.S. counterpart to Ulric Williams with a very similar philosophy of healing, but delved into many other areas of knowledge. The Bigelsens have carried the Terrain Theory forward from that early phase Cayce was giving readings within the context of before the Terrain Theory had been developed per se. The Bigelsens were included in the video series , theEndOfCovid.com , which also featured the Baileys. There are many pieces to the puzzle emerging in the new holistic healing paradigm.

  13. The Bailey’s are the best. I could not be more grateful of your efforts and generosity. I struggle to find the words which accurately describe the meaningfulness of your contributions.
    Best to you and your family.

  14. What a world we live in, where pseudo-science and lies abound but the truth is something hated and viewed as dangerous or crazy. Hopefully someday all the lies will be so fully exposed that nobody will believe them anymore.

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