29th April 2023

Many of us who can see that viruses don’t exist, find it easier to do so as virology is an off-shoot of germ theory. 

If germ “theory” is wrong, there is no sense in pursuing alleged disease-causing sub-microscopic organisms. That’s why the germ theorists don’t want us scratching beneath the surface of the so-called ‘science‘ involving bacteria either. 

Let’s have a look at why the concept of “pathogens” is a complete fail on their own terms from Koch’s Postulates through to some modern day animal experiments.  

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  1. The giant takeaway from this fabulous video is that Germ Hypothesis actually PROVES Terrain Theory.

    Congratulations Sam and Mark. Once again you hit it out of the park.

  2. Continue to support? You bet love! The web of propaganda that has been woven for centuries to keep us marching toward the controllers reality is heavy, but not impermeable, thanks to people like you.
    Thank you Sam

  3. Yet more great work thank you. I bet that paper from Koch was tough to obtain too. No matter where they look ‘’germ theory’’ is debunked again and again.

  4. This germ theory and it’s enabling pseudoscience is a multibillion dollar risk to New Zealand’s diary industry. One would think that MPI and ‘THE’ diary co-operative would invest $65 on Sam’s Virus Mania book to ‘herd’ off such a potentially national tragedy. But no, they still do RAT testing, stuck in mind set that puts everybody at risk.

    As for germ theory, it’s aptly called a theory as there is an alleged organism as a culprit, but as for terrain theory, it’s not a theory. The absence of something is not a theory, proof is on the presence of an additive (pathogen) as the causative agent. It’s innate logic that the living get sick and die when poor nutrition, inadequate temperature, lack clean water, exercise, sleep is put too far to the extremes. No theory is required for this understanding. Terrain theory is not a theory. How do you prove a negative? You can’t. The burden of proof is on the viroLIEgists. Pseudoscience of viroLIEgists, like many other scientific and medical fields is a pseudo-religion.

  5. Fear is their only weapon. All we have to do is disarm them with the TRUTH.
    Truth is God’s weapon given to us by those who listen.
    Thanks for listening and sharing this Truth Sam.

  6. Dr. Sam, You have continually blown me out the door, so to speak, in a most positive way. I’m 75, a bio major, and though I taught elementary school for a career, I’ve had a life long interest in biology. Keeping this short, I had a heart transplant on Aug. 5, 2005, which leaves me with an ~34 year old heart, kicking my relic of a carcass around! Quite well, I might add.

    BUT they never did figure the cause of my heart swelling, from a remarkably healthy 57 year old to the size of a grapefruit. They called it “the sarcoidosis virus” based on crystallizations in the previous heart. After many years reflecting on this, I was exposed to asbestos (in the basement of an old school where many maps, globes, etc. were, and where the two other teachers who went there a lot got “sarcoidosis” with very different, quite benign results). I was also exposed to much benzene, working in a biofuel lab in southeast Idaho, when that seemed like a good idea to help replace gasoline. Got fired from a tenured teaching position with a perfect teaching record and the stress of seven years in court. I could mention other possibilities, but I imagine the main cause was an affinity for the appetite suppressant, Preludin 2 (phendimetrazine if I remember correctly), which was like caffeine all day with now down cycles–I got a lot done as a Type A personality. Formaldehyde also comes to mind, as that was in the whipped together classrooms for more kids, where I taught for several years.

    I want to say thanks to you, your husband and colleagues, for all the light they’ve shed on germ and terrain theory. When the heart docs (who were “state of the art”) said “Jump!”, I used to say “How high?” I now ask a lot more questions and in the end decide on which meds actually do something. I eat well, exercise faithfully, and think I probably don’t even need immunosupressants, that I do continue to take rather than do more experimenting on myself.

  7. I am beginning to be convinced by the virus or rather the no virus argument. However, I do wonder what causes flu and the common streaming cold as these are definitely “catchable”. According to wiki, it states that a common cold can be caused by any one of several “viruses” – any one of more that 200 – but the rhinoviruses for the most part. Every time I travel long distance by air, I often develop flu/cold symptoms on arrival. Is this the body’s reaction to acclimate to atmospheric change – warm to cold or cold to warm? Do colds/flu only get a hold if one is not at peak fitness, being over tired or anxious, stress (traveling and hateful airports). From simple observation the condition is definitely contagious. How does pneumonia as a more severe outcome then develop? Under which category do these illnesses fall? Can they just be the body’s way of getting rid of toxins?
    Then of course there are parasitic diseases such as tick fever or Lyme’s disease from an infected tick or malaria from the anopheles mosquito that can be easily detected under a microscope, so no explanation needed there.
    Whilst the sun is beneficial on the whole, living in the tropics we are susceptible to skin cancer. – basal cell carcinomas or melanomas. Why is that?
    Perhaps you and Mark might address these questions at some point. Thank you for all your heard work and research.

  8. Does seem to pose a relook at the concept of contagion to explain the apparent spread of some diseases. For example, from most people’s experience, the common cold “appears” to pass between people in close proximity to each other. What explanation is there for the spread of the plague in the Middle Ages? Now held to be caused by Yersinia pestis. How do millions of people die across a wide geographical area in a short period of time? Cholera, small pox, influenza, etc.? How do we now explain the spread of disease in a population if we dispose of germ theory? Fascinating work Drs. Bailey, I know we will learn more as time goes on.

  9. Great work. Spurring me on to research the great malaria spread by mosquitos lie.

  10. Thank you so much, I love all this learning! Humanity has failed, it’s an abomination. My mind is blown each day thinking on how the belief system of lies is so well established in people’s minds. Just crazy. Our first grand baby is due in one month, no intervention and no so called vaccines will ever touch this precious soul (my children have looked for themselves because we all need to). Your work is life changing. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. Forever grateful.

  11. Great stuff Sam.
    Hey curious- While I am well up to speed with what yourself, Mark, Tom, Andy, Mike etc have been campaining the last few years and very much agree with your straight forward findings, one thing i have trouble squaring, and wonder if you have any insight on is; As a hunter/pestcontrol contractor I have had direct hand in spreading what we were told was RHDV – Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus and witnessed first hand the 10’s-100,000’s of thousands of rabbits that then subsequently killed, an absolute genocide in places if you will. the method we used was to lay out carrots around the affected areas, so as to get the rabbits used to eating them, then after a while we would put out “infected” carrots, which was achieved by pouring small vials of a council supplied solution to the next batch of carrots we put out. Now the amount of carrots we put out wasnt huge- was probably eaten entirely by only 100 or so rabbits in the areas, so the solution itself if it were poison would have only directly killed those that ate it. We were told the vector for this virus was blowflies, that would spread the virus from the rabbits that died from eating the “infected” carrots to all the otherwise healthy ones everywhere in the area, which certainly happened in some form, the resulting deaths were amazing and in the high thousands. Any idea what we really spread and why it only specifically targeted rabbits? Thanks

  12. Thank you. My mantra is viruses and virology are fraudulent. When I’m challenged, I tell them that I was a fool and believed in germ theory, but in the past three years I learned from independent doctors and scientists like you and Dr. Mark Bailey. Then I suggest they read your book or watch your videos. Thank you for helping me to understand the frauds.

  13. Hi Dr. Bailey, Thanks for another great video. I share yours and Mark’s videos wherever I can. A favorite is his Farewell to Virology, though I fear many aren’t bothered to read anything. I can see we are awakening many more. Keep up the great works I/we appreciate all you do and it is my hope that soon the rest of the world will too.

  14. david parker & dawn lester answer all these questions in their fascinating book-what really makes you ill,-cholora/smallpox/mad cow/mixamtotis/ticks/fossil fuel(it’s not fossil fuel)/measles and more,it’s worth the money.

  15. More great info Sam. More fuel on the Germ theory fire!
    How much of what we have been taught, actually true?
    Makes you wonder about any information out there, even, so called ‘Proven theories”.

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