13th April 2024

In recent years, we have received many requests to talk about ‘infectious mononucleosis’, also known as ‘glandular fever’. Although people have realised that germ theory is a refuted hypothesis and there is no evidence that microbes are ‘pathogens‘, is glandular fever not something that goes around?

There is so much to unpack when it comes to the alleged Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Its apparent powers to infect almost everyone and cause a growing number of diseases including cancers and multiple sclerosis is now being used to justify the development of a vaccine that is clearly aimed at the childhood vaccination schedule. However, the mythology that has been built on EBV has its origins in the 1960s and there are a couple of pivotal virology papers that everyone needs to know about. 

What exactly is the condition known as glandular fever and why is it unwise to act as though there is an ‘it’ passing around? What is the body trying to do and how can we learn from the experience? Join me in this video as we discuss all this and more…  

NOTE: in this presentation I refer to “EBV antibodies” in general. Many laboratories perform several different antibody assays (e.g. see here) with the claim that they indicate different stages of the “infection”. I outline why none of the assays can be used as evidence for a virus.


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  1. Thanks for another great video. I’ve noticed the promotion of EBV ramping up over the past few years from many sources, including NY Times best-selling author Anthony William in the ‘Medical Medium’ series of books.

  2. Thanks Sam, as always helpful healing wisdom. Bless you and Mark for all you do .❤

  3. So many more science bods speaking out about the vaccines. Here’s a Japanese prof doing so which, in Japan, is huge. He is likely to be ostracised completely from society, unless there are massive numbers of awake Japanese: https://www.aussie17.com/p/a-message-from-japan-to-the-world
    Sam and Mark, Tom and Andy, Stefan and others were the pioneers who opened the door for others to follow. We owe them a massive amount of gratitude.

  4. ‘They’ keep on at us all the time about getting this and that fixed and ‘they’ are the only way to go. It happened to me some 10 years ago, when this lump appeared from nowhere on my neck. It was like golf ball. Thought I better get it checked out as I did in those days, and given antibiotics. They would not drain it because it was vascular – probably fortunate for me. Anyway, I got a rash from head to toe from the antibiotics, so a photo of this lump was sent to the hospital and a day later I get a call that I was to go in to cancer dept. An appointment was made practically there and then. I admit, I was scared – I rarely went to the doctors, and that was the first time in many years.
    I was given the name of the specialist. I checked him out on-line and learned that he sliced these lumps into slithers and sent them off to various labs.. I cancelled but was berated, I didn’t care. Something was telling me forget it.
    I decided to detox on mass doses of vitamin C and within a week it has halved in size and by the end of the month it had gone. I regularly practice Zen meditation (zazen) and that tends to create a greater awareness of body-mind connections. I am now of the opinion that it was being hinted that the ‘worst’ was on the cards of me.. Was I having the ‘hoodoo bones’ pointed at me? I was convinced that getting rid of the toxic rubbish body was the answer and I had a belief that vitamin C would do that. The doctor wanted to see me, so I went, and I could see that she was taken aback. Just a very thin scar remained on neck. I told of my vitamin C and that I had used liposomal – no bowel tolerance doses needed! She smiled strangely and then said that the antibiotics had obviously done their job even though I had stopped taking them!

  5. Dr. Burkett worked in Kenya. Only African children were supposedly affected by Burkett’s Lymphoma. It was rumored, no doubt exaggerated, that Burkitt’s cure for Malaria was to drive his scantily clothed patient around at night in an open-topped car to bring the fever down.

  6. its incredible how many doctors are not healers. thank you for another educational and entertaining video ✌😎👍

  7. I had a horrific bout of so called virus when I was 14. It occurred shortly after violent swelling in my arm had gone down after my BCG ( six needles) injections. I know of two others who had the same violent reaction to BCG and the went on to have highly debilitating glandular fever – very swollen neck glands and crippling fatigue. I have often wondered if data exists that correlates with this in the U.K. and elsewhere.
    And what of Growing Pains?

  8. In 2007 my husband, his uncle and I went to Africa for holiday. We had had vaccines before we went. In 2008 new vaccines because they had said that if we took another vaccine we would be protected for live. In the summer of 2010. My husband’s uncle became ill. He had fever that wouldn’t go away. Bladder infection that would’t go away. It was at his birthday party and he kissed all the female guests. In December 2010 I became ill. The exact same symptoms the uncle had in the summer. I had fever for four weeks and bladder infection that I couldn’t heal with three anti biotic treatments. I thought that the uncle had infected me. Although it would have been a long incubationperiod. Then it turned out to be EBV with A-symptomatic symptoms (????). In 2012 I started to look into vaccines. Then it dawned on me. It was the vaccines that had made us ill.

  9. At this point I think Virology should be called Solipsistic Pseudo-Science of ‘Pathogenicity.’

  10. Thank you Dr Sam Bailey for your clear presentation on the vaccuous claim of EVB “virus” as cause of mononucleosis however defined. A 90% infection rate with no or some or several or severe symptoms! That’s quite scientific!

    No virus candidate ever isolated to find out if it self replicates, and spreads and sickens. No studies demonstrating transmission-contagion, just a questionaire they sent around college campuses. No explanation as to how everyone gets “infected” but only a small number get sick. My head is spinning, probably another symptom of mono.

    I’m gonna go get coffee and steady myself. Many thanks!

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