8th June 2024

As my husband Mark documented in “HIV Inserts”, Lies & “Lab Leaks”, the COVID-19 “lab leak” narrative has been in play before the World Health Organisation even officially opened the “pandemic”. In recent years I have covered “gain of function” gaslighting and garbage as well as the pseudoscientific fantasies involving ‘bio-weapons’ here and here.

In recent years most of the fear-promoting stories have related to alleged “viruses” such as SARS-CoV-2 or the so-called Avian flu. When dismantling these tales we go back to the foundational papers to expose the fact that there is no evidence that any virus exists outside of computer labs. For many of us, we have bid A Farewell to Virology and its virus model. Additionally, because of the fatally flawed germ theory there is no evidence for the existence of microbial pathogens.

However, anthrax is a curious case because it is alleged that the spores of Bacillus anthracis can be weaponised. In this video we examine the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States and the alleged military facility leak with dozens of deaths in the Soviet Union in 1979. Is this nature’s only true bio-weapon or has the mixture been spiked? This was a fascinating investigation into decades of scientific work and it revealed more than a few bizarre twists…


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  1. Thanks for sharing another fascinating video Dr Sam – you are really breath of fresh air Amidst all this scaremongering. It seems that the objective of the establishment is to keep creating fear of one thing or another. It is like the whole world is going insane.
    When I was growing up in the 1960s we’d only go to our family doctor if we were really sick. If I had a some or other, I would tell my mother and she would put it down to ‘growing pains’ and I just shrugged and got on with what I was doing… I often drank water from the same stream as my pony I had if I was our riding on a hot day. I would get cut fingers mucking out his stable and whilst helping out on my eldest sister’s farm feeding and milking cows, I jabbed myself with my leg with a pitch fork. I think that was the last ‘jab’ I ever had from that pitchfork. Nothing at all since..

  2. Thanks Sam for another fascinating expose of another sacred cow. With such abundant evidence regarding the shenanigans of Pasteur & Koch and the industry built on that it is difficult to understand the motivation of your “Joe Average” scientist or doctor. Goes to show they are just as intellectually bankrupt, gullible, and stupid as any other of the sheeple. In other words, they’re gutless wonders. Thanks again for playing your part in slaying the sacred cows – I guess you’ll now be busy with exposing the next disease du jour – bird flu. With 3 affected workers in the states I imagine we’ll need to lock down the whole world again.

  3. Great work as usual Sam, thank you.
    To fully understand the the pathogen misdirection narrative, and the true source of histories major illnesses, I highly recommend reading the book titled
    ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ A history of electricity and life, by: Arthur Firstenberg.
    All the best

  4. Prior to the illegal invasion of iraq in 2003 the UK military were pushing the anthrax narrative. My unit was ‘selected’ to be administered the anthrax ‘vaccine’ along with follow up tablets at specified times after. I don’t recall any of my unit finishing the doses as it made everyone feel like shit for weeks after. That was a long time ago and glad I woke up to this crap and started questioning. Thanks for your great work! Again!!

  5. Hy Sam, a wonderful video again.. I really like the way you always make a satire of the crap the main stream science and media are pouring over the susceptible minds. Many thanks and bless you!

  6. I wonder whether the big push with the bioweapons fear porn is related to the idea that nuclear weapons fall short and people have /are waking up to that. A bioweapon is much more personal and therefore more scary.
    Thanks Sam for yours and Mark’s delving onto yet another piece of the false narratives that surround us… to the point where one could be forgiven for thinking that aliens are running the show!!

  7. Doctor and German writer Heiko Schöning has written about teh origin of anthrax and the “terrorist” attacks in the USA. In his book “Game over” he clearly posts evidence that this is a bioweapon and used as thus by the american DOD.

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